Welcome to Temple Lifestyle!

We are committed to bringing delicious and healthier-for-you products from near and far to your local retailer.  As a Canadian broker and distributor, we are continuously searching high and low for the best and most unique product finds around the globe. We are the proud owner of Buddha Brands Company” - Thirsty Buddha Coconut Water and Hungry Buddha Coconut Chips, and we take pride in developing products that are not only tasty but that benefit the body and give back to the planet!  Needless to say, we are coconuts over coconuts!

We are a fast paced company excited about our rapid growth and look forward to offering more amazingly delicious products that add to a healthy lifestyle and enhance the overall well-being of our consumers. We thank you for caring about your body and the planet. Sustainability inspires our every move - join the movement and come along with us on our journey to make positive change!